HR Shared Services

A professional service that provides your organisation with routine HR services across all locations and divisions. Our HR Shared Service Team implements administration, services and support to the small and medium enterprises and start ups as well.

We can supply your organisation with efficient and cost effective solutions for managing your entire HR Function through our established service centre. With an expert team we have all the right resources dedicated human resource professionals and service centre is fully equipped to handle all your HR related needs.

  • Our HR Shared Services team is the first point of contact for our customers. We manage HR queries from across the business, liaising with other teams to ensure an excellent customer experience.
  • Our Process and Change teams are focused on driving innovation and continuous improvement to ensure that we can deliver the highest standard of attention to our customers.
  • Our Service team ensures we're delivering a supreme service within our targets, by reporting on and reviewing our service level agreements and customer perception.
  • Our Employee Administration team supervises all changes through the life cycle of an employee, from hire to retire.
  • Our Resource Operations team ensures we've always got the right candidates, in the right place, for the right roles.
  • Our Learning Operations teams conduct all training courses required for the different areas of the business.
  • Benefits of Shared Services

  • SOP based agreed performance and KPI linked deliverance
  • Faster response time
  • Bringing best practices to practical uses in your business
  • It lowers cost and improves efficiency
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